Pigeon Control

Pigeon DamageProblems may arise when pigeons roost on buildings as they foul from ledges and other nesting or roosting areas. Their droppings cause an unsightly mess and may also cause ‘slip’ hazards on walkways and pavements.

Pigeons are regarded as unacceptable, especially in large numbers. They have the potential to transmit disease causing organisms.

The number of pigeons attracted to an area depends on the food available. If pigeons are being fed, more pigeons will be attracted to that area. All pigeons require nesting and roosting sites (e.g. balconies, window ledges & roof areas of surrounding buildings) as well as reliable food sources. It is vital that food sources for pigeons are kept to a minimum.

If pigeons begin to roost on part of your property a number of measures can be taken. There are many products available that prevent pigeons from landing on areas such as ledges, roofs and balconies including spikes, netting etc. In some cases culling by shooting maybe necessary.