Carpet Beetle/Moth

Carpet Moth Carpet BeetleAlthough there are several types of carpet beetle the most common is the varied carpet beetle.

It is the larval stage of the beetle’s life cycle which causes the most damage to carpets by feeding on any natural fibres within the carpet. The beetles in their larvae stage are sometimes called “woolly bears” due to bristles which can be seen around the edge of the body. First evidence of their presence is usually the removal of patches of carpet during vacuuming.

These insects can be controlled by the use of a residual insecticide and possibly the application of a fogging space spray treatment.

Carpet Moth (Tinea pellionella)

Carpet Moth have a very similar life cycle to carpet beetles. It is the lava that does the damage to carpets by eating any natural fibres within the pile. Apart from bare patches in the carpet another sign which is most commonly found are small white paper like cases around 6-7mm long. These are most often found under pieces of furniture which have not been moved for some time. They are silk cocoons which the lava spins and from which the adult moths emerge. The eggs of the moth are sticky and it is by this method that they are transferred from room to room.

Treatment for carpet moth is the same as for carpet beetle using a residual insecticide and a fogging treatment.